The History of the Wilmington Alumni Chapter

The Inception

The Wilmington Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., the third alumni chapter chartered in the Northeastern Province, was chartered on Saturday, March 8, 1947, at the Walnut Street YMCA at 10th and Walnut Street in Wilmington, Delaware. The charter was presented to the chapter by Dr. Idel William Edward Taylor, a native of Lewes, Delware, and a graduate from Howard High School.

While serving at as a newly appointed executive at the Walnut Street YMCA, The Reverend John B. Redomond, Jr., who is primarily responsible for the chartering of the Wilmington (DE) Alumni Chapter, began the process in January 1946. One year later, on January 30, 1947, the Grand Board of Directors unanimously approved the charter petition.

The First Members

Seventeen young men were personally enlisted into the new chapter by Rev. Redmond, who also charged them with the duties and obligations of the Fraternity. These were the officers and charter members:

  • Dr. Charles H. Butler - Strategus
  • N. Watson Brown - Keeper of Records
  • D. Edward Flemming
  • Richard Flemming
  • Dr. Lewis D. Giles - Vice Polemarch
  • Phillip Gooden
  • Paul D. Haughton
  • John O. Hopkins, Sr.
  • George A. Johnson - Reporter
  • George L. Naylor
  • Walter L. Purnell
  • Rev. John B. Redmon, Jr. - Keeper of Exchequer
  • Dr. Oscar N. Smith
  • Dr. John H. Taylor

Early Days of Significant Firsts

Initially, the Wilmington (DE) Alumni Chapter's monthly meetings were held in the homes of active, individual brothers. The very first chapter dance was held at the Nur Temple Sriner's Club, and the revenue from this event funded college scholarships. In 1948, the chapter hosted its first of five Province Council Meetings at the Walnut St. YMCA, a regional event in which the business of the chapters in the Province is conducted. In 1963, the Walnut St. YMCA was also the location of a leadership conference was held at, and in 1964, the chapter sponsored a Black Art Show. One other early, signficant achievement of the Wilmington Alumni Chapter was integration with the Hotel duPont, the location of the Christmas Formal.

A Higher Service

Throughout its history, the brothers of the Wilmington (DE) Alumni Chapter have served, not only at the local chapter level, but also at the regional Northeastern Province level and the Grand Chapter level.

Dr. Edward FlemmingProvince Polemarch1962-1964
Kenyon L. Camper, Sr.Province Vice Polemarch1973-1975
Donald M. Evans, Sr.Province Keeper of Exchequer1979-1981
Hon. Clarence S. BennettParliamentarian-
Kenyon L. Camper, Sr.Editor, The Diamond Newsletter-
Delbert HortonCommittee Chairperson of Job Bank, Job Resources/Development, and Achievement-
Stanley W. SmithKappa Choir, Province Reclaimation Committee, National Reclaimation Committee, and Social Action Committee-
Ray RhodesProvince Achievement Committee-
Calvin L. SmithAssistant Southern Region Board Member-
Wali W. Rushdan, II, Esq.Political Action Committee-
Joseph Bryant, Jr.Deputy Chief of Staff to Province Polemarch-
Darryl A. ParsonRisk Advocate Committee-
Delbert HortonUndergraduate Summit Speaker, Risk Avoidance Committee, Strategic Planning Committee-
Italicized text denotes Grand Chapter Positions

Noteworthy Achievements

Since its inception, the Wilmington (DE) Alumni Chapter has achieved much. Some of the most noteworth achivements are:

  • From 1947 to present, chapter membership has increased from seventeen to ninety-four.
  • Fifteen brothers have become Northeastern Province Life Members
  • Thirty-five brothers have become Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Life Members
  • The Chapter is proud to have in its membership two of the most senior Fraternity Life members: Gilbert H. Jackson, Jr. (#80-1986) and Kenyon L Camper (#86-1968).
  • The Chapter won:
    • Northeastern Province Award for Reclamation in 2001.
    • Student of the Year Competition Award (1999, 2001, 2011)
    • Chapter of the Year at the Grand Chapter Meeting (Konclave) in 2005
    • Chapter of the Year at the Grand Chapter Meeting (Konclave) in 2005
    • Northeastern Province Guide Right Chapter of the Year (2010, 2011)
    • Northeastern Province Chapter of the Year (2010, 2012)